Distributor Support

At Scell-it UK we believe in helping our distributors and creating a ‘partnership’ that benefit both of us in many ways.

Firstly, we can provide advice and information on our products, including their features and benefits, so that you can communicate this effectively to your customers. We can also provide marketing materials, such as brochures, data sheets, Point-of-Sale displays and digital assets, to support your sales efforts.

Additionally, we can offer competitive pricing, incentives, and promotions to encourage you to sell more of our products. And our next-day deliveries, technical support and reliable customer service, will help you build stronger relationships with your customers.

Ultimately, this benefits both of us, as we work together to grow our business.

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Distributor Special Offers

View our distributor special offers.
(For trade in the UK and Ireland only.)
Scellit leaflets

Promotional Downloads

Download promotional items including logos and PDFs of our promotional leaflets for the latest Scell-it products.
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Private Labelling

Bespoke labelling and printing on packaging for your company.
Demo tools

Demonstration tools

Demonstrating our latest tools is a great way to get in front of customers.
Point of sale

Point of Sale Promotional Items

POS can enhance brand visibility, increase impulse purchases, and create memorable experiences that boost customer loyalty and sales.

Scell-it UK Quality Products

Contact Scell-it for full range of construction fixings, rivets, rivnuts and setting tools.

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