Rivets and Rivnuts

Scell-it rivetsScell-it offer a wide range of rivets in different materials and in a variety of head types. They will provide a permanent and secure grip for clasping materials together. We have many designs available suitable for different applications such as soft or thin materials, plastic, gas & water proof, anti-vibration and dense materials. Our structural rivets are used for heavy assembly with high mechanical stresses providing maximum security and performance, ideal for supporting heavy loads such as on flooring and metal panelling.

Scell-it also provide a wide range of manual, pneumatic and battery powered setting tools.

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Rivnut range
RIvets Setting tools

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Go to our rivet guides below or call us for more advice.

Standard Rivets Guide
Structural rivets guide
Rivnut guide

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Scell-it provide a variety of complimentary products. Contact Scell-it for full range of construction fixings, rivet, rivnuts and setting tools.

Rivet Tool Range

Manual Setting tools

Rivet 2 hand tool

Rivet 2 handed Setting Tools

RIvet PNEUM Range

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Rivet Battery Setting Tools

RIvetnut Tool Range

Rivnut Setting Tools

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