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Essbox storage cases

Essbox is a touch, simple and customizable storage case system designed for the working professional.

Unlike other systems – that have a rigid and fixed layout – the Essbox has a range of unique reusable storage boxes that allow for a wide choice of contents. They are robust, sealed and stay in position using an octagon stud system.

To make kit building simple, there is a wide variety of boxes ‘ready packed’ with a choice of construction fixings or rivets, in a range of quantities.

This means a refill is always quick and easy – just reload the box!


The Essbox benefits!

Tough & waterproof
The Essbox case is built to take the knocks and scrapes of on-site working – in all weathers

Easy stacking means easy storage of cases, with no tipping over. The boxes can also be stacked to avoid spills.

Inside the case – unique ‘octagon stud’ boxes remain in place and sealed – keeping the contents protected and organized – even after the case has a hard drop or fall!

Unique range of ‘pre-packed’ boxes allow for freedom to choose the contents you want – making building a kit easy, and tailored to your working needs.

Quick and easy refill by reloading with ‘pre-packed’ boxes.

Store easily
Unique stacking system available for inside vans allows for all round organisation.

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Download the Essbox guide.

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