Scell-it UK Quality Testing

Scell-it UK in-house testing

To ensure the quality of Scell-it products we use the latest technology to test our products. From our E-005 battery powered setting tool to the smallest ASD rivet – tests are performed to ensure the high quality of Scell-it products and to ensure they are up to standard and up to the job.

Construction fixings

Whether fixings are approved or non-approved – random samples are taken across the range and are rigorously tested in the environments they will be used. Substrates used in this process cover materials such as concrete, steel, plasterboard and brick.

Expansion Anchors together with Chemical Anchors are load tested using the very latest Digital pull-test equipment. This equipment has the facility to indicate via onboard graphics early signs of load displacement. Full and inclusive digital reports are self-generated when used with the associated App.


See our ‘Know how’ guide on performing a basic pull test using the Staht digital pull-tester >here<.

Scell-it UK has a range of digital instruments used in the testing of products which may cover measuring zinc plating thickness, grade of steel used and even the compressive strength of the concrete being used.

The testing of Sheet Metal Self-Drilling screws pays particular attention to the drill points and the thread engagements in a variety of metal grades and thicknesses.

Testing SDS

All the anchors and the resulting test data is set against the agreed E.T.A. data for that product.

Checks are carried out on the Torque Settings before and after load testing has taken place looking for any deviations.

Tests are also carried out on both branded and Unbranded (Imported) to maintain the Scell-it UK high standards.


Scell-it are great innovators and are constantly releasing new and exciting products on to the market. Many hours of practical working situation testing takes place for both manual and power (battery operated) tools. This results in more comprehensive operators manuals, more informative Technical Data Sheets and clearer application information being made available to the customer. Ease of operation for the user is at the forefront.

Quality runs through our brandYouTube-Link

The Scell-it brand has always been synonymous with a good quality solid product that is value for money and up to the job.

Our experts are on hand to advise and are backed with online guides, manuals, exploded diagrams and demonstration videos on the Scell-it YouTube ‘Know How’ channel.

Scell-it UK Quality Products

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