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The Scell-it UK Know-How guide to installing through bolts.


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Scell-it UK

Welcome to Scell-it UK Ltd

Scell-it® UK Ltd are suppliers of an extensive range of quality Construction Fixings, Rivets, Rivnuts and Setting Tools at competitive prices to the building trade & distributor market.

A large well-stocked warehouse based centrally in the UK is backed up by our Scell-it group overseas partners with three more warehouse locations across European containing over 4 million pounds worth of stock. This allows us to provide a quick and reliable next day delivery service.

We are constant innovators and have created many new products exclusive to the Scell-it brand. This has included some patented ‘world firsts’ including our E-007 Battery powered Hollow Wall Anchor Setting Tool. As a result – you have more options to sell new items to your customers.

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Scell-it UK

Scellit ordering

The Scell-it UK Simple Ordering System
Simply give us a call on 01785 246539 or email sales@scellit.co.uk and our technical sales team will help you find the right items at the right price. Place an order and items will be delivered next day (dependant on time and location).

Our latest innovation.

The Easy Push Resin Injection Gun

  • Geared to be 20x easier.

  • Quick release trigger.

  • Saves on hand fatigue.

Scell-it UK Quality Products

Contact us for full range of construction fixings, rivets, rivnuts and setting tools.

Scell-it Resins


Scell-it through bolts


Scell-it Caulking guns

Injection Guns

Scell-it rivets

Standard Rivets

Scell-it UK setting tools

Hollow Wall Setting Tools


We are here to help

Our highly experienced technicians are here to help and answer your questions on fixings and rivets – so you can advise your customers.

  • Technical data sheets are available on all Scell-it products.

  • Testing of fixings can be provided onsite. Scell-it use the latest pull-test technology to test the holding force of all their fixings and can full provide digital reports. >Read about it on our testing page<.