The Low Cost Battery Power Range

E00 Scell-it range

These tools may be cheaper than most battery powered tools on the market but they don’t compromise on power or features.

Scellit Features

Scell-it E005

Model E-005
The E-005 has a ‘Quick set‘ system with changeable nosepieces stored conveniently in the back of the unit. This allows it to set a range of Aluminium and Steel rivets from 2.4mm to 4.8mm, and Stainless Steel from 2.4mm to 4.0mm.  A minimum of 400 rivets can be set on one battery charge (dependent on nut diameter).
It’s quick and easy to use – watch our demo video here!

Scell-it E008

Model E-008
The E-008 comes with a set of 4 nosepieces and mandrels, allowing for a setting range of rivnuts (Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel) from M3 to M6. The E-008 also has a stroke adjustment dial, similar to the E-007, to fine tune the setting. One battery charge will set a minimum of 320 rivnuts (dependent on nut diameter).

Scell-it E007

Model E-007/E-007t

The award-winning E-007 and E-007-T are the world’s first battery powered tools for installing hollow wall anchors.

The E-007 sets anchors with a screw, whilst the E-007-T uses a built in mandrel to set anchors without a screw. Both can set a range of M4 to M8, and a stroke adjustment from 4mm to 40mm. This means a wide range of diameter and lengths of anchor can be accommodated.

 It’s the quickest way to set Hollow Wall Anchors – watch our demo video here!

The E-00 range has just been exclusively stocked by Scell-it UK Ltd in the UK and Ireland. Call Scell-it UK for more information.


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