Pull-Testing A Through Bolt

Scell-it UK always test non-ETA through bolts and even provide an on-site testing service for Thorough bolt anchors for customers.

This is achieved with the use of the latest ‘Staht’ pull-tester. This inexpensive tool is available to buy and provides indisputable digital proof of the holding force of an anchor.

 Test procedure

  1. After anchor is installed – if sufficient thread is exposed, screw on the correct sized threaded button adaptor. Unscrew the nut and washer if more thread is required. (see fig. A)
  2. Ensure the pull test unit is charged up and set up above the fixing. Use the socket wrench to rotate the Hex Drive counter-clockwise until the Hex Drive mark (#) is visible. Set the adaptor jaw around the threaded adaptor (see fig. B).
  3. Pull test is set up on the tester app (fig. C) and pull-test is commenced by winding up the handle.
  4. Pressure is applied to the anchor manufacturer’s recommended load and time. This is recorded and indicated by the unit screen and the app (fig D).
  5. When finished, pressure is released and pull test unit removed. Retighten the bolt if testing has loosened it slightly.
  6. Tester app will generate a digitally signed report to confirm a PASS or FAIL.

Staht tester

Staht testing

This is a basic description of a pull test that can be performed on-site and to be used as an overview guide only. For more in-depth instruction or more details – please consult the information pages of Staht Testers.

For more information or advice call scell-it UK on 0330 010 1650.

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