Next generation 2 handed setting tools

By Published On: June 1, 2023

Scell-it UK have just released a new range of next generation lever tools for setting rivets and rivnuts that are putting worker comfort first.

They are designed to be incredibly user-friendly, featuring ergonomic handles that are comfortable to hold, even for extended periods. This handle’s shape and texture provide a secure grip, to avoid slippage, increase accuracy and give more control.XFORCE

A major new feature is the new gearing system (called X-Force) that provides three times more power for setting, which means less effort is required to complete each setting. The mechanism works by multiplying the user’s input force, making it possible to install rivets and rivnuts in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional hand tools.

Another benefit is the compact design that means it can fit into tight spaces, making it ideal for working in confined areas. Additionally, the tools’ lightweight design makes them easy to handle and transport.

For rivets, there is the R300 which can set standard and structural rivets of sizes 3.0mm to 6.4mm, in Aluminium, Steel or Stainless Steel. It may be small – measuring just 125mm x 375mm and weighing just 1.2kg – but it is designed to pack a punch with the ‘X-Force’ gearing system enhancing the two-handed lever force.

For rivnuts, the N300 has a range of M4 to M10 in Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel. The N300-T model is also available with a ‘quick unscrew’ attachment to allow a faster release from the inserted rivnut – providing the user with a much quicker workflow. At a size of 125mm by 405mm (450mm N300-T) and a weight of 1.4kg (1.62kg N300-T) – it is one of the most compact two-handed rivnut setting tools available. This is combined with the ‘X-Force’ gearing system to provide an easy and quick insertion.


Instruction videos are available for the N300 and R300 tools on the Scell-it channel and all tools come with a mounting key and an additional set of jaws. They are also available in kit form which includes a carry case containing a quantity of popular rivets or rivnuts.

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