Our Green Credentials

By Published On: October 26, 2022

Scell-it is constantly reviewing and checking it’s sustainable and environmental responsibilities for caring for the environment and the community.

Our approach involves many diverse strategies :

Reducing our environmental impact

Internally, Scell-it is committed to sorting and recycling all its waste . We also consult with our factories and service providers to reduce the waste generated by their activities and we are working on the elimination, in the long term, of single-use plastic in our packaging.

Scell-it after-sales tools are repaired and donated rather than destroyed.

The extraction of raw materials and the production processes of our steel screws represent 92.7%* of our total carbon footprint. We must therefore concentrate our efforts to ensure that each screw and fastener produced is put to good use. Our ESSBOX SYSTEM® helps to reduce lost fixings and screws which helps to reduce waste as much as possible.

* Source: Analysis of the carbon footprint of ESSVE activities carried out by the DGE firm.

Essbox storage cases

Advanced production technologies and quality control

Scell-it invests in the development of its products and moulds, as well as in production tools. Certified factories, high-tech automated machines, specialized labour, flexibility, rigorous quality controls… This strategy ensures perfect control of the quality of our range of tools and fasteners and reduces waste.

Reducing transport

Scell-it ChargersParticular attention is also given to reducing travel: favouring train travel, organizing videoconferences if appropriate, raising awareness of eco-driving and allowing working from home. We have also provided on-site charging facilities at our offices in Stafford to encourage the use of hybrid vehicles by our staff.

Scell-it manufactures its products as close as possible to raw materials, and we package our products as close as possible to our markets.

Going Digital

Scell-it toolsAll our catalogues, data sheets and guides are moving to digital versions – with paper copies printed off individually when requested. This cuts down on waste with less printing ink, less transportation and less paper waste – which are all good for the environment.

Looking after the future

Scell-it will continue to monitor and improve it’s sustainability by keeping up with government advice and constant review of systems and working practices. For a copy of our Environmental policy statement click >here<.

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