Revolutionary new Resin Injection Gun

By Published On: February 6, 2023

Finally available in the UK – our new revolutionary resin injection gun is set to change how easy it is to extrude resin without battery power.

The ‘Easy Push’ injection gun is cleverly geared to enhance the amount of pressure exerted by the operator during use by 20 times.

As well as it’s ‘less effort – less pressure’ feature, the tool has a gripping area under the cradle of the cartridge to allow precision during application, a repositioning of the traditional release trigger for one-handed use and added protection on the hand grip.

Easy Push featuresEASY-PUSH-side

The real advantage of the ‘EASY PUSH’ is how easy it is to extract resin without getting hand fatigue. The clever internal mechanism takes a very easy trigger squeeze and multiplies it through to the pushing power on the resin. This means more applications can be set in less time with less rest breaks needed in between.


Once a user has experienced the comfort and ease of the Easy Push they will find it hard to go back to standard manual guns again. Watch our YouTube video comparing the Easy Push to a standard manual resin gun and see the difference >here<.


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