Scell-it UK after-sales and warranty


Scell-it UK After Sales

Scell-it UK’s after-sales Service consists of commitments which we make to you including :

– Acknowledgement of receipt of your tool.
– Confirmation that the tool is under warranty.
– Sending a full quotation for tool repair.
– Return of your repaired tool after acceptance of the quotation.

In the event of a tool failure check our website at for advice and information such as operation manuals, data sheets and exploded diagrams.

For advice or to order replacement spare parts contact Scell-it UK on 01785 246539 or email

Scell-it 1 year warranty

Every machine, battery and charger comes with a warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase. This is subject to validation of purchase date and the following conditions:


The user must return his machine either directly to the distributor or to Scell-it UK to request support under warranty. In order for the warranty to be valid, the machine must not be dismantled or open, and must be accompanied by proof of purchase (original invoice or original delivery note) bearing the date of purchase, buyer’s name and the distributor’s name. The warranty will be declined in the case of tampering and/or repairs and/or replacement of parts by unqualified persons.

Warranty Disclaimer
The warranty covers normal use of the machine. It therefore covers defects attributable to materials, and defects in manufacture or assembly.
Exclusions from the warranty:

– Parts which are subject to wear and tear (sets of carbons, cables, consumables …, which are not covered by any warranty).
– Damage caused by external forces (impact, fall, abnormal use, humidity, excessive heat, clogging-up by a product…)
– Damage caused by failure to follow the instructions for maintenance and use.
– Normal wear and tear of the machine.
– The damage that does not affect the operation of the machine (scratches, abrasions …).
– Damage caused deliberately.
– Damage due to poor quality power supply to the machine (faulty voltage, incorrect voltage….).
– Damage caused by the use of unsuitable and unintended accessories.
– Use of a battery charger on a generator which can cause accelerated deterioration of the battery and the machine.

The user manual for the machine must be read attentively before use. Non-observance of the instructions can cause a breakdown of the machine which will not be covered by the warranty.

For more information contact Scell-it UK at or call 01785 246539.

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