Direct Fixing Screw

Direct Fixing Screw

Ref Codes:
BTS – Countersunk Head
VFD-F – White Lacquered Head
VFD-R – Reduced Head

VFD75040F BTS75062F VFD75060F VFD75062R
BTS75072F VFD75072F VFD75072R BTS75082F VFD75082F VFD75082R
BTS75092F VFD75092F VFD75092R BTS75102F VFD75102F VFD75102R
BTS75112F VFD75112F VFD75112R BTS75122F VFD75122F VFD75122R
BTS75132F VFD75132F VFD75132R BTS75152F VFD75152F VFD75152R
BTS75182F VFD75182F VFD75182R BTS75212F BTS75252F VFD75252R
BTS75302F VFD75302R BTS75372F BTS75402F

Also known as: Betaspeed

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