Metrical Thread Screws

Metrical Thread Screws

GAE : hinge with flange
PAE : piton with flange
CAE : hook with flange
VMTC : metals screw pan head

Use with the hollow wall anchors SPYDER or SPYDER PLUS or with any plug including a metric thread.

VMTC0440 VMTC0455 VMTC0545 VMTC0560 VMTC0570 VMTC0585
VMTC0645 VMTC0660 VMTC0670
CAE0438 CAE0542 CAE0550 CAE0560 CAE0640 CAE0660 CAE0670
PAE0438 PAE0542 PAE0550 PAE0560 PAE0590 PAE0640 PAE0660 PAE0670
GAE0438 GAE0542 GAE0550 GAE0640

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