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The Scell-it UK ‘Know How’ Campaign

By Published On: August 26, 2022

This month Scell-it UK are launching our official ‘Know How’ campaign. This will contain all the knowledge of our experts and help tradesmen to install fixings, set rivets and learn all about the latest setting tools.

No-one knows rivets, construction fixings and setting tools better than our experienced technicians and with the help of videos, diagrams and instructions we aim to share this knowledge to get a better understanding of Scell-it products.

The campaign will run on the Scell-it UK Facebook page and our Scell-it UK Youtube channel – as well as on the dedicated website page on the Scell-it UK website.

All three will help distributors to guide their customers on the best choice of product and how to use them correctly.

Regular tips and information are already published on our Facebook page and a number of instruction videos are available – and more planned – on our YouTube Channel.

Already we have guides on:

  • Installing Through Bolts.
  • Different types of Stainless Steel.
  • Quickest way to install hollow wall anchors.
  • How to measure a rivet.

Scell-it Know how

Distributors and their customers will benefit from this support of Scell-it UK products by following us and staying updated on new products, learning about using tools and fixings, and gain useful information on suitability of products for different jobs.

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The ‘Know-How’ web page is here!

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