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Scell-it UK are distributors of Essve Wood Screws – the No.1 Wood Screw in Scandinavia.

A strong partnership with the leader in Swedish wood screws – ESSVE®, allows Scell-it to offer quality solutions in wood screws, construction screws and decking screws.

Forest covers more than 60% of the Nordic countries this is why wood construction is a Swedish speciality. ESSVE®’s Nordic heritage has been at the heart of its business since its beginnings in 1970. With more than half a century of experience, ESSVE® has become the expert in wood screws and is proud of its leading position in the Scandinavian market.

ESSVE screws

By collaborating closely with industry professionals and tradesmen, the brand has created many new patented designs to provide high quality performing wood screws. Features such as a patented head design that bites instantly or a head design with milled groove that provides a smooth finish without chipping.

For example: ESSDRIVE screws only require a pressure of 1 kg (compared to an average pressure of 3 kg for other screws on the market). A small figure that quickly weighs very heavy, when a professional installs more than 100 screws during his day (that’s 200 kg less on his shoulders)!

Test them and you will immediately feel the ESSVE difference!

Contact Scell-it UK for more information or samples and feel the difference in quality of ESSVE®  Screws.

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