Setting rivnuts using the E-008 Battery powered Tool

By Published On: May 15, 2023

The E-008 is our economy battery-powered tool for setting rivnuts (M3 to M6) in all materials. It is simple to use and easy to set up. This quick guide shows how to set a typical standard rivnut into metal.

The complete E-008 unit

1. Check tool battery is powered up.

Ensure the tool battery has at least two indicator battery lights. The E-008 comes with a standard Element One rechargeable battery and recharging unit.

2. Ensure the mandrel on the tool matches with the rivnut size.

To remove the mandrel:E008_unscrew1

Remove the battery. Unscrew the ring, then remove the Anvil and Locknut unit.
Sperate the Anvil and Locknut unit from the Front Sleeve by unscrewing (fig 1).
Separate the mandrel (fig 2).

To fit a mandrel:

Screw Anvil and Locknut into Front Sleeve and insert mandrel (fig 3).
Place onto the tool by aligning the LEDs with the small notches (fig 4).
Screw silver ring back on (fig 5).


3. Set the stroke.

E008_DialSet the reverse button on the unit to the ‘screwing’ position (pushed in on the right side).

Turn the stroke setting dial on the back to set the stroke number scale from 0 (min) to 9 (max).
It is recommended to start at ‘2’ and perform tests until correct scale is achieved.

4. Load the Rivnut


  1. Screw the rivnut onto the mandrel until just one thread is showing.
  2. Tighten the anvil and locknut (fig 6).

5. Set the rivnut


Insert the rivnut through the installation hole – ensuring it is level and square.

Press the trigger to set the rivnut and slowly pull back on the tool to enable the release of the tool(fig 7).

Check the rivnut has set correctly and obtained the desired deformation (see chart).

Rivnut settings

If more or less stroke is required then adjust stroke setting dial and reset rivnut.

Tool release

If the tool was not released at the end of the installation cycle try setting the reverse button to unscrew.

In conclusion

The E008 is simple and easy to set up and use. Once a satisfactory test setting is made it will hold the setting for further inserts.

For any problems or further information please call UK on 01785 246539.

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