Scell-it Through bolts

A through bolt is an anchor which goes through two or more layers and binds them together (e.g. fastens a metal plate onto concrete). It is made up of an expansion sleeve – Stainless Steel or B2P Steel, a thread and a nut (G8) and washer (Form A).
All Scell-it through bolts are Approved or tested by Scell-it UK for quality. Free next day delivery is available depending on location within the UK.
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Through bolt applications

Through bolts are suited to through-fix installations in cracked or non-cracked concrete for medium to heavy loads.
It is great for bolting awkward fixtures in place without the need for marking out, removal and repositioning.

Ideal for fixing brackets, cladding, restraints, racking, handrails, fabricated stairwells and industrial doors.

Through bolts are not suitable for Brickwork or Blockwork.

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